The body tempering technique was started in 2014 by bodybuilder Donnie Thompson. Tempering uses a weighty cylinder of metal to reduce adhesions, enhance mobility, release trigger points (knots), and relieve pain.

The tempering rods and deep pressure provide neurological suppression of muscles that are taught or spasming. The pressure can sometimes be uncomfortable at first but usually within 30 seconds the pain diminishes. The physiological process that follows involves improved circulation to the soft tissue which increases oxygen and nutrients as well as reduces pain.

Have you ever had a knot that you often try to release with your fingers or a tennis ball but couldn’t quite fully release? Body tempering (as well as Dry Needling) is a way to get deep into the stubborn knot and release it. This technique can be both static and dynamic. A pin and release technique is used for a dynamic release where the trigger point is held while the patient activates the muscle and moves the joint through its range of motion. The pain subsides and the movement is no longer painful or dysfunctional immediately after the treatment.

We have 21 and 42 pound tempering rods but our physical therapist can modify the pressure according to the patient’s tolerance. Did you know that bodybuilders use tempering rods that weigh as much as 130-250 pounds? The treatment works great for conditions, such as piriformis syndrome, tight hamstrings/calves, limited shoulder range of motion, IT Band syndrome, patellofemoral (knee) pain, and upper trap (neck/shoulder) pain.