Dry Cupping is a form of deep tissue mobilization. Special cups that come in plastic, silicone, or glass, are placed on the body in areas of pain/soft-tissue restriction, air is then used to create suction. This suction pulls the skin and blood vessels towards the cups.  Dry Cupping can improve blood flow/circulation, reduce pain/inflammation, and loosen muscles/joints for our clients.

Cupping works along the same principles of IASTM and Dry Needling, and can be static or dynamic. Dynamic cupping is used to move edema, or swelling, away from a dysfunctional area, desensitize soft tissue, and has been advertised to reduce wrinkles. Rigid plastic/glass cupping can be applied while the patient is at rest and the patient can exercise and perform movements with the cups on.

Dry Cupping with movement eliminates pain associated with motion so the patient can perform exercises, improve their pain-free range of motion, and retrain the brain to show that the movement doesn’t have to be painful. This concept works on the neuroplasticity of the brain. As a condition becomes chronic, a central cord winding phenomenon occurs where the body becomes hypersensitive to generally non-painful stimuli. The brain starts to expect that certain movements will be painful, this will work to eliminate that hypersensitivity. With cupping, the central cord winding cycle can be broken and pain-free movement is restored. If any daily or recreational movements cause you pain, you can benefit from cupping.