Spinal manipulation is a completely safe therapy technique that not many therapists offer, luckily our clinician is certified in Spinal Manipulation Therapy. The techniques used are comfortable for the patient, momentum-induced, and performed within the patient’s available range of motion. When targeting a specific vertebral level, you have less than a 50% chance of releasing that specific joint and it has been proven that an audible “pop” yields better results. Our goal is to generate multiple “pops” with a single high velocity/low amplitude thrust to ensure that the target area is released.

There are many misconceptions regarding spinal manipulation, such as risk of rupturing an intervertebral disc or a major artery dissection. In reality, there is less than a 1 in 3.7 million chance of worsening a disc herniation, in fact, checking your blind spot places more stress on the vertebral and carotid arteries than a manipulation does. Not one physical therapists has been associated with a manipulation fatality in the history of the profession.

There are many benefits to spinal manipulation. It helps to facilitate movement, improve flexibility, reduce pain and tenderness to palpation, improve circulation, improve mobility, normalize joint alignment and mechanics, and provides an immediate increase in strength.

Addressing joint dysfunctions at the spinal level has been shown to reduce tenderness at distal impairments such as tennis elbow and IT Band friction syndrome. It has also been shown to reduce headaches, relax knots, treat radicular pain like sciatica, increase disc height/hydration, and even increase your ability to fully open your mouth.